How to Boost the Conversion Rate of Your Online Store

A major disappointment of any online retailer is noting that scores of prospects are visiting your store website, but none is purchasing or converting to a customer. Or else, you find a thousand and one visitors and only two or three purchased products from your store. If your wish to make stellar revenue, you must increase the conversion rates for your online store.

But, how do you achieve this dream or will it remain a nightmare? Here are the tips you can use to increase your online conversion rate:

a. Provide quality images of your products

Images are part of the reasons a prospect will convert to a customer. Providing high-quality images and photos of your product can boost conversion rates. Potential clients would like to see what you are selling, how they look like from or dimension. As such, you need to use good resolutions when taking photos of your product.

Also, ensure that the customer can zoom and view the images from in different angles. Otherwise, people follow the proverb ‘seeing is believing.’ Hence you have to provide them with a good image of the products to convince them.

b. Develop great products description      

Another power of increasing conversion rate of your online store is product description. People want to know about your product and why they should buy it. In this regard, providing precise information is one way of convincing the prospects that your product is the best for them. Also, it is important to develop different versions of descriptions to cater for the client’s needs and questions. Also, ensure that they have a personal endorsement and touch.

c. Offer free shipping

One way of chasing away prospects is charging a shipping fee. But does it mean offering free shipping at your own cost? As a retailer, you can use several tricks to cover the shipping costs. One you can incorporate shipping fee as part of the product price. Alternatively, you can set a condition on the amount of product that one can enjoy free shipping. For instance, you can indicate that for products totaling $25 and above, the customer will not pay any shipping fee.


As you can see, to increase the conversion rates of your online store, you must ensure you have high-quality product images and descriptions. Also, you have to offer free shipping as an enticement to your customers. Applying these tips will see an increase in your online store sales which means high profitability and growth.