Indications of Conversion Leaks from Your Web Store

The aim of any online retailer like you is to increase the number of visitors to their store website. And not only visiting, but also transforming those visitors to buyers. Unfortunately, most of the visitors to your product pages leave without purchasing any product. But why is this so? Why are visitors leaving without buying?

Here are the three top signs of conversion leaks from your online sales leading to decreased sales even with high traffics on your site:

Increasing client complains

 If you notice an unprecedented increase in the number of complaints and queries in your customer support desk, it is an indication that all is not well in your online retail store. This should be a wake-up call that things are not as usual and you need to take action when it is not too late.

 Particularly, you need to analyze the main area of concern and which difficulties your clients and prospects are facing. This way you will be able to develop an amicable solution that would save you from losing sales.

Decreasing traffics on your product pages

Another sign of leaking in conversion is high rates of bounce offs on your pages. If you notice that people are spending less than a minute on your online store website pages, you need to rethink your strategy. Think whether you are offering the customers with the right products and inquire to know what they are looking for as well as find a way to redirect them to product pages with the products of their interest.

Alternatively, you can design an exit campaign that will woo them to purchase particular products at a discounted price before they leave. This can be in the form of offer pop-ups. As a result, you can reduce the number of leaps offs and make sales.

 An increase in the number of abandoned carts

At a time you may notice that the number of abandoned carts is growing each day. As an online entrepreneur, this should be a sign of conversion leaks on your online store. As such, you need to take immediate action to find out what is the cause of the abandonment. You should check whether your charges and products are very high or whether it is due to difficulties in payment processing. Taking an early action will save you from losing sales as well as keeping your customers intact.


In whole, if not noted at an early stage conversion leaks from your online store can lead to high loss of sales. Hence, it is important to keep an open eye for any sign of such leaks to save your online business from making a loss or losing customers.